AI in marketing. What it is and where it’s going.

There have been several predictions for AI in 2019. Some even came from AI itself!

  • Big growth in AI data and tools.
  • Rising trends are chat and creative AI.

Our favorite might be the increase in INTENT DRIVEN ADVERTISING- where you know what the prospective buyer is planning based on searches and content consumption. At Informa, we do much work and research around understanding the buyer’s journey and knowing what content/information they need when and where along the way. More on that in an upcoming story. For now, as we move into 2019, we want to help make sense of the role of AI in marketing and how it can help create more effective strategies. There was a great article from CMI on opportunities for AI in content marketing with a summary of one of their sessions from this year’s Content Marketing World. You can check it out here.

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