Audience reach and engagement. How does it impact your marketing strategy?

Audience Engagement. We all know we want it. It is one of the top priorities of most marketers. What does it really mean? And does it mean the same thing to everyone? The answer there is probably not. You can measure engagement by one or several metrics. But the bottom line is, you need your message to be seen, seen again and again, and reacted to!

The Rule of Seven

We all know about “the rule of seven” that says a prospect has to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before taking action or buying from you. Think about how you consume content. Where do you see messages that you react or respond to? Most likely it is multiple channels. Nowadays, there are so many more places to put a message and since we can’t know who will see what and when, you have more chances of catching someone’s attention with multiple touchpoints on multiple platforms – desktop, tablet and mobile (numbers that are increasing each year.) Not only is it important to have them see it seven times, it is important to have them see it in multiple channels.

Multiple Marketing Channels

And just as you have a preference for where you want to consume information, so do your buyers. With an integrated content distribution program, there is a mix of buyers across all formats. You may not reach all of the audience in all of the options, but your chances of reaching them when they are ready to see and hear your message is so much greater with a large and engaged audience.

Bottom line

Your product info needs to be seen by the right people . . . at the right time. Having access to the tools to identify and capture who is reacting to “what and when” is critical to targeting your messages for the highest engagement. For example, knowing that design engineers prefer technical data at the product development stage of the buying cycle is helpful in presenting that type of content. And knowing what mechanical engineers and contractors are reading most helps fine tune your content strategy.  You can use our editors’ industry insight (showcased in our new Engagement Reports) to see what is going on with your target audience right now. These editors are the experts with their ears to the ground identifying what topics are resonating in their industry so you can position your message around what the audience is really interested in.

So, it seems the VALUE of audience engagement is in knowing what your target audience is doing, where they are doing it, and what information they are looking for. HPAC delivers that key point of value. Our strong communities also create robust engagement as shown by the number of new registrations to our sites each quarter. And strong click thru rates mean you are reaching customers at the right time.

A marketer needs to look at total REACH, REACH in target industries and functions, website and social interactions, content marketing interest and behavior, print distribution and so much more. Take a look at Informa Infrastructure’s new Audience Engagement Reports. These next-generation reports offer a 3-dimensional review of our audiences and digital landscape, going beyond basic reporting and embracing engagement and data driven decisions!


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