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Using Research as a Base for your Content Marketing and Lead Generation Strategy

Client: ABB
Objective: Deliver new leads to ABB database for nurturing.
Duration: 12 months 

Project Description

Not all marketers have the opportunity to launch a marketing program with a blank slate, but when the occasion arose for the ABB Marketing Team, they knew that they wanted to do it right.  With the goal of generating new leads for their business division through content marketing and digital channels the team knew they needed a partner that could deliver a rich database to target their key personas, unique solutions for engaging prospects and expertise for converting those prospects to leads.   


  • Research survey delivered a sample size of over 750 respondents 
  • Program has exceeded lead goal by 10% 
  • Storyscape solution increased webinar views by 33% 

ABB Keys to Success

  • Core Team Committed to Program Success 
  • Leveraging Research Insights to Inform Content Strategy 
  • Using Data from Bi-Weekly Reporting for Confident Decision Making 

Campaign Highlights

Strategic Insights Research provided the basis for a larger State of the Market Research program and those research insights were used to develop a series of thought leadership webinars focused on the unique challenges faced by electrical professionals 

Storyscapes deliver a longer engagement cycle to webinars through interactive features and storytelling around the webinar content.  Understanding the challenges their target audience allowed ABB to create useful, high-quality content that attracted and engaged prospects and made them more willing to complete a form and convert to a lead.   

Creating awareness and engaging new prospects was critical to the success of the program, it was also an imperative for ABB to ensure that they were leveraging all of their assets to the greatest potential.   

To meet that objective, all assets that were developed for the campaign, were housed in a Content Engagement Center, an online hub that allows users to consume multiple pieces of related content based on their preferences and where they are in the buyers journey.  

Deep user engagement metrics were tracked and provided to ABB on a bi-weekly basis for campaign adjustments and insight into top performing content.   

Learn More About the Solutions That Were Used

“From  the beginning, the Informa Engage team listened to our needs and focused on meeting our specific campaign objectives.  The ABB Marketing team involved in the development and execution of our campaign brought industry expertise, top notch program management and a desire to collaborate with Informa to deliver a highly successful campaign.

Kate Johnston, Customer Engagement Director, ABB

What makes this a Cool Campaign

It’s exciting when marketers are able to use research to inform their content and marketing strategies because you know that the end result will be a campaign that is on point and ultimately drive success for their organization. — Kristin Letourneau

  • Christian Webb
    Christian Webb Digital Product Manager

    ABB came to us with a clear goal and, with that in mind, we were able to design a custom campaign which included new and innovative solutions that would help them hit their objectives. Using these solutions and collaborating closely with the amazing ABB team, the campaign has proven successful for everyone involved. — Jake Browne

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