The Importance of Social Strategy in Content Marketing

Nick Giallourakis is an expert in digital product development and has a true love for content marketing and engaging material. His recent blog in Folio discusses how your social platforms can be a game changer. Are you ready to play?

From February 26 Folio Blog

Often I hear from clients and internal marketing teams that we need to add social media to a content marketing campaign. “Let’s just add in some tweets, Facebooks posts, LinkedIn posts, etc.,” they’ll say.

But how much strategy is really going into “just add in some tweets?” Is this something that’s truly going to generate the right kind of traffic? This can cause negative results—or no results at all.

To start off, when looking at using social as part of any content marketing strategy, a brand or client must look at: How many followers do you really have? And of those followers, are they qualified/truly engaged in the brand?

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