What is behavioral targeting and how does it provide results-oriented marketing campaigns?

From December 2017 Marketing Insights Blog

Buyers start on a journey of discovery that then leads them to awareness and consideration before making a decision and a purchase. It can be a short or longer process depending on the industry, product and design process. But one thing is certain, they crave input (credible information) all along the way. From news to application notes and product specifications, they need the right information at the right time. And that is where behavioral targeting comes in. Knowing what buyers are interested in, what products/topics they are engaging with, and how recently they have engaged. This is the formula for keeping your customers coming back and connected with your content. Behavioral targeting improves open rates and click thrus. You get the buyer when he or she is engaged and ready for the next step in the journey.

Why has it been so successful on Informa’s brands?

Our audience experts have determined that the combination of segmentation and recency is the key. When we reach people at the right time, while they are actively engaged with the topic, response rates go up! And opt out rates go down which is important in maintaining the largest pool of prospects. How do we do it? We identify a target group who are in involved in the particular target area and pull from the people who have most recently engaged with us thru our website, a webinar, an ebook or an e-Newsletter.

The numbers speak for themselves! Here are the results of a recent 4 split test. Notice the increase in Split B where the receiver had opened email in the past twelve months and been engaged with us and the specific topic in the past 3 months.

# DeliveredUnique Open RateUnique CTRPage ViewsUnique Visitors
Nth select – opened email in 12 monthsSplit A724712.58%3.63%454163
Opened email in 12 months and visited Communications within 3 monthsSplit B785034.78%28.56%6,1741,683
Opened email in 12 months visited

Communications within 6 months

Split C256823.09%10.71%744212
Opened email in 12 months and visited Communications within 12 monthsSplit D415317.75%7.99%694222

The Infrastructure brands were some of the first to embrace this formula. Testing was done in spring of 2016 and the full program was rolled out in the fall. We have more than a year’s worth of data and experience. We keep refining the process and it continues to evolve as we learn more and new models can be built. And, we know that as users get more sophisticated, they are going to demand relevant content.

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