It’s All About The Data

Using Hypertargeting to Boost Performance and ROI

November 12, 2018 @ 11am ET / 8am PT

In Informa Engage’s recent 2018 B2B Marketing Trends report, marketers reported that acquiring the right data to refine their targeting is key.

But where do you start?

What data is needed and how do you access it?

What is included in this educational webinar:


Informa Engage experts lend their expertise in developing targeted marketing programs fueled by data.

Current Data Strategies

Find out what is driving current data strategies and which of those strategies lead to success and ROI.

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What you will learn:

Where “data” comes from

What is 1st party data and why it is better than all other kinds of data

Why you need to target your data

How to use specific data to fuel your marketing campaigns

How targeted data outperforms non-targeted marketing campaigns


Dean Muscio

VP, Digital Growth
Industry & Infrastructure Intelligence

I am an experienced Digital Transformation Executive with a comprehensive record of success developing and leading monetization strategies for digital products and businesses.

Joann Kropp

VP, Global Data Solutions

Joann Kropp is an integrated marketing executive with a direct marketing and client-experience background and deep industry B2B expertise with a core focus on diversifying data monetization strategies.

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