Guaranteed Lead Programs

Syndicate Your Content Assets and Generate High-Quality Leads

Credibility established through association.
Users seek quality content.
Contextual relevance creates opportunity.

Our high-value audiences seek out information to research and evaluate solutions, products, and services during their purchase process. Our Lead Generation program syndicates your valuable thought leadership content across our brand channels to reach highly relevant audiences with interest in the content’s topic. Registration is required to view the content and you receive weekly reports with contact information for each lead.

Be where your target is.

Credibility is established through association.
Users crave predictability.
Relevancy creates meaningful experiences.

Deliver your marketing message within a relevant and engaging environment to targeted audiences and drive traffic to your website.  Build awareness for your brand, support new product launches and promote your high-performing assets in responsive design newsletters that render beautifully across all devices.

Be where your target is.

Guaranteed Lead Programs


In-line placements, unobtrusive labeling and measurable results.


Reach prospects in channels they frequent and depend on.


Every user download = qualified lead.

Start benefiting from the perks of high-frequency contact.

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