Lead Touch Nurturing

Multi-Touch Strategy to Nurture Your High-Quality Leads

Quality content accelerates decision making.
Gain audience trust by supporting their journey.
Send your sales team qualified leads.

We map three pieces of your thought leadership content to the needs of your prospects at key buying stages. A series of three emails are sent to targeted contacts to generate and nurture their interest. You receive lead data for each user who views your content as well as overall campaign engagement metrics.

Support your buyers journey.

Credibility is established through association.
Users crave predictability.
Relevancy creates meaningful experiences.

Deliver your marketing message within a relevant and engaging environment to targeted audiences and drive traffic to your website.  Build awareness for your brand, support new product launches and promote your high-performing assets in responsive design newsletters that render beautifully across all devices.

Be where your target is.

Lead Touch Nurturing


Highly relevant messaging that conveys you understand the audience.


Attract and retain your target audiences through focused and detailed topic related content.


Lead report with analysis of engaged contacts.

Start benefiting from the perks of high-frequency contact.

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