Custom Content Channel

Greatest Brand Alignment to Our Trusted Brands and Financial Industry Topics

Trusted content is a prized possession.
Contextual relevance creates opportunity.
Native content outperforms standard advertising.

Custom content channels put your brand in the context of financial industry topics that match your marketing objectives. Your assets are housed in a native environment, side-by-side our trusted editorial.

Add context to your content.

Businesses need to accelerate decision-making.
Ease-of-access is transformative.
Users want organized, themed content.

Create a highly-designed place where prospects and existing clients can self-educate, content binge, and find innovation and inspiration. Aggregate your premium content into a digital hub designed to accelerate the decision-making process.

Engage your audience.

Solving Marketers Biggest Challenges


Centralize high-performing assets and measure their effectiveness.


Attract and retain your target audiences through focused and detailed topic related content.


Leverage deep data metrics and user engagement scoring.

Solution Snapshot

Competitor Free Environment

This exclusive environment lets you surround your message with topics that best match your specific marketing objectives. Your assets live on a dedicated landing page with our trusted editorial content.

Native Sponsor Content

Our content experts feed content specific to your selected topic focus each month. A fresh flow of content keeps engagement on your page.

Marketing Promotion

Eyes on your content. A promotional marketing campaign including newsletters, native feeds and related content will get drive eyeballs to your channel.

What’s Included

Content Management

  • Setup of a Content Channel based on the topic of your choice
  • Customized channel design
  • Mix of editorial and sponsor content (3 per month)
  • Ability to surface your assets and social feeds


  • 100% share-of-voice banners on channel pages
  • Linked from site menu
  • Featured on homepage
  • Run of site In-Feed Native Ads
  • Featured placements in relevant brand eNewsletters
  • Social posts through brand channels


  • Monthly channel and content analysis
  • Banner impressions, clicks & CTR

Make your content work harder and accelerate the decision-making process.

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